Types Of Interviews

The text discusses the importance of being aware of the different types of interviews and how to prepare for them in order to reach one's goals. It outlines ten common types of interviews and their purposes, such as traditional, phone, video, case, panel, and group interviews. It also mentions four commonly used structured interview formats and the level of organization and accuracy they provide. Additionally, the text talks about the nine different modes of interviews, including telephonic, lunch, working, and case interviews. Finally, it lists the five most common types of job interviews, such as in-person, phone, virtual, panel, and phone screen, and explains their purposes.

There are several types of interviews, each serving different purposes. Some common types include:

  1. Traditional Interviews: This is the standard face-to-face interview where the candidate meets one-on-one with an interviewer.

  2. Phone Interviews: These are typically used for initial screening and are conducted over the phone.

  3. Video Interviews: These can be live or pre-recorded and are increasingly popular for remote positions.

  4. Case Interviews: Commonly used in management consulting, these involve solving a business problem in real-time.

  5. Panel Interviews: Involves facing a panel of interviewers simultaneously.

  6. Group Interviews: Multiple candidates are assessed at the same time, often for team-based roles.

There are also structured interview formats, including behavioral, situational, stress, and job-specific interview formats. Furthermore, interviews can be conducted in various modes such as telephonic, lunch, working, and case interviews.

Each type of interview has its own objectives and requires specific preparation.

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