True Or False Elastic Cartilage Is Found In Both The

Elastic cartilage is a type of flexible connective tissue found in non-load bearing body parts, such as the external ear, nasal tip, and larynx. It is composed of elastin, which allows it to bend and move without causing harm before returning to its original shape. This contrast it from other types of cartilage such as hyaline and fibrocartilage which have different functions and locations in the body. Elastic cartilage is important for maintaining the shape and function of organs that require flexibility, and can be found in various parts of the body such as the ear, epiglottis, and eustachian tube.

True. Elastic cartilage is found in both the nose and ear. It's a type of connective tissue that provides flexibility in these areas.

Elastic Cartilage - Definition, Function and Location | Biology ...What are some examples of cartilage? | Socratic

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