True Or False, According To Marks, There Is A Positive

This article discusses the relationship between religion or spirituality and mental and physical health. It highlights research that shows a positive connection between spirituality and psychological well-being, regardless of religious participation. However, it also identifies potential negative effects when religion is used as a means to defer happiness to an afterlife. The interest in understanding the complex connections between religion and health has increased in recent years. The article also explores the concept of religious experience and its connection to a belief in a higher power. It includes qualitative research on Mormonism and discusses the broader implications of the relationship between religion and health on stress, coping, and sociological study. Overall, the article presents a comprehensive review of the topic and emphasizes the significant impact of religion on overall well-being.

According to Marks, there is a positive relationship between religion and health. Research has shown a positive connection between spirituality and psychological well-being as well as potential positive effects on physical health. Therefore, the statement is true based on the research and findings discussed by Marks.

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