This Restricts Our Ability To Describe Deep Ocean Processes And

The paper discusses the challenges and limitations of gathering deep-sea sensor data, and how automatic tests can help in this process. It also highlights the vulnerability of ocean ecosystems to pollution, both direct and indirect, and the slow recovery of deep-sea species. The lack of public concern for the deep sea is a recurring issue and climate change is impacting ocean communities at all depths. Gravity-driven processes are distinct from bottom currents and there is a need for a comprehensive understanding of the deep-sea environment and potential impacts of deep-sea mining. The article presents two case studies on environmental risks associated with this activity and outlines technological and efficiency challenges in investigating the deep sea. It also mentions the importance of deep-sea ecological processes and characteristics in providing essential functions.

The limitations in describing deep ocean processes hinder our ability to fully understand the pivotal role of ocean and marine ecosystems in the Earth system.

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