This Is The Data For That Assignment

The text summarizes various findings from studies comparing heart rate, % heart rate, and PO between males and females during exercise. It mentions that females generally have higher heart rates and % heart rates than males for similar %PO, and that males have slower heart rates and quicker recovery times than females. It also highlights a study showing a more gradual decline of peak heart rate with age in women. Additionally, it mentions the similar maximum heart rate between males and females, but a lower cardiac index at maximum exercise in females. The text also mentions the effects of different exercise intensities on heart rate, including a condition where the heart rate rises abruptly. Finally, it briefly mentions an older study that examined heart rate data from physically active men after exercise.

Thank you for providing the data. I see that the data you provided earlier contains the heart rate measurements for males and females before and after exercise. While this data is insightful, it's essential to have the specific resting heart rate data for males and females to perform the two-sample t-test for mean comparison.

Could you please provide the respective resting heart rate measurements for males and females? This will enable us to continue with the analysis and test for a significant difference between the average resting heart rates of males and females.

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