The Purpose Of Combining Sports Events And The Hospitality Industry

This study focuses on the recovery of event tourism after public health emergencies, specifically in the sports industry. It discusses the positive effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and closure of sports events on water consumption and the importance of considering the impact on industries such as tourism and hospitality. It also highlights the potential for virtual and hybrid events in sports event management, as well as the impact of the pandemic on sports industry revenues. The paper concludes by emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to destination recovery and the use of a comparative analysis to review the impact of sports events on tourism development.

The combination of sports events and the hospitality industry has indeed evolved into a unique experience for sports fans, particularly after the pandemic. Companies are now more intent on fostering stronger relationships with guests and are increasingly focusing on meeting customers' bespoke needs and desires through tailor-made VIP treatment. This trend reflects a shift towards enhancing the overall experience and personalization for sports enthusiasts in the hospitality sector. The pandemic has brought about a heightened emphasis on providing exceptional experiences and exceeding expectations for sports fans, underscoring the increasing importance of customer-centric approaches in this intersection of industries.

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