The Four Characteristic Of A Hero According To Kohen Et

Based on analyses, heroes are perceived as fulfilling psychological, social, and physical roles. Six types of transformations are applied: mental, moral, emotional, spiritual, physical, and motivational. Studies identify traits or characteristics that lead to viewing someone as a hero. The hero of everyday life is morally upright and risks personal losses for a greater good. Training to cultivate a heroic mindset, empathy, and moral courage is suggested. Heroic consciousness evolves over time and is viewed from four perspectives in sociology: great men, hero stories, heroic actions, and hero preparation. Heroes are made not born and exhibit key characteristics.

According to Kohen et al, the four characteristic of a hero include:

  1. Expansive Empathy: Heroes possess a great capacity for empathy, allowing them to understand and connect with the struggles of others.

  2. Heroic Imagination: They demonstrate a heroic imagination, envisioning positive change and taking action to achieve it.

  3. Special Training: Heroes often undergo special training, whether formal or informal, that prepares them to face difficult challenges with courage and determination.

  4. Predisposition for Self-Sacrifice: They have a predisposition for self-sacrifice, being willing to risk personal loss for the greater good.

These characteristics, as per the work of Kohen et al, highlight the psychological, social, and moral traits that distinguish heroes.

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