The Arab Spring Protests In Tunisia Aimed For And Secured

The text describes the protests that began in Tunisia in late 2010, known as the Jasmine Revolution or Sidi Bouzid Revolt. These protests were sparked by discontent with government failures and led to a change in government. The movement quickly spread throughout the Arab world, leading to a series of pro-democracy uprisings known as the Arab Spring. Despite some progress and marked by demonstrations marking 12 years since the revolution, Tunisia remains the only country in the region to have effectively changed its government. These events were fueled by long-standing dissatisfaction with governments that had not delivered on their promises.

It is clear that the social movement best represented here is "Revolutionary." The Arab Spring protests in Tunisia aimed for and successfully achieved a new government and resulted in a fundamentally different constitution, effectively changing the country. This aligns with the goals and impact of a revolutionary social movement.

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