Test The Hypothesis That There Are Associations Between The Following

The text discusses an online calculator for performing the chi-square test, which compares observed and expected frequencies within categories and tests for association between two categorical variables. It allows for up to 20 categories and can handle tables with up to five rows and five columns. The calculator can also be used to manually calculate the chi-square statistic and p-value, with instructions on how to do so. It also offers the option to input expected frequencies or probabilities and provides different p-value types. The calculator can handle large tables and provides an accurate p-value.

To test the hypothesis of associations between the mentioned sets of categorical variables, the most appropriate statistical procedure is the chi-squared test for independence. This test is suitable for examining the relationship between two categorical variables and determining if they are independent of each other or if there is a significant association.

For each set of variables, the chi-squared test will be conducted to determine whether there is a significant association between the pairs. The rationale for using the chi-squared test is that it is specifically designed to assess the independence of categorical variables, making it well-suited for analyzing the associations between Q4_2_Support_National and each of the other categorical variables.

Once the chi-squared tests are performed, the findings should be reported with the indication of whether each test is valid and the correct p-value for each test. The p-value signifies the probability of observing the data, or something more extreme, under the assumption that the null hypothesis (no association) is true.

To ensure the validity of the findings, the p-values calculated from the chi-squared tests need to be compared to a predetermined significance level (usually 0.05) to determine the presence of any significant associations between the categorical variables.

If you need assistance in conducting these specific chi-squared tests or analyzing the results, please let me know so that I can help you further.

Chi Square-Test online Calculator - DATAtabChi Square Test in Excel - Step by Step with Examples

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