Ted Adventures With His Artist Graham. Ted Is Twenty Weeks

Westward Ho! is a scenic seaside village located in Devon, England. Known for its beautiful and clean beach, it is a popular tourist destination with a range of amenities including shops, toilets, and food outlets. The beach has received a Blue Flag Award for its excellent water quality and is a popular spot for families. The A39 road provides easy access from nearby towns such as Barnstaple, Bideford, and Bude. With a length of 2 miles, the beach features a mix of sand and rock, making it perfect for various recreational activities. It is also dog-friendly, with designated areas for dogs and a nearby park. Overall, Westward Ho! offers a spacious and enjoyable beach experience for all tourists.

Ted and Graham's first beach adventure took place at Westward Ho beach, a beautiful and scenic spot in Devon, England. The beach is known for its clean and spacious environment, making it a perfect location for Ted to enjoy his first beach experience. The area boasts a mix of sand and rock, stretches for 2 miles, and has received a Blue Flag Award for its exceptional water quality. Additionally, Westward Ho! is popular among families and dog owners, providing a pleasant setting for various recreational activities. The beach is easily accessible from nearby towns such as Barnstaple, Bideford, and Bude, making it an ideal destination for a day out.

Westward Ho! BeachWestward Ho! Beach | Devon | UK Beach Guide

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