Take Five, Meaning And Synonyms

On this page, there are 112 synonyms, antonyms, and related words for the phrase "take five," including words like hesitate, interrupt, shake, waver, cease, and deliberate. From Roget's Thesaurus, these words range from pausing or delaying to relaxing or calming down for a short period of time. The phrase "take five" means to take a brief break, as from work, and can be used as a command or a noun. There are also various synonyms for "take five," such as "take a break," "pause," and "rest." Some similar phrases for "take five" include "hang on," "slow down," and "catch one's breath."

The phrase "take five" is often used to mean taking a short break, usually for around five minutes. It's a way of suggesting a brief pause or intermission from an activity or task. Synonyms for "take five" include "take a break," "pause," "rest," and "catch one's breath." It's similar to phrases like "hang on" and "slow down." It's essentially a way of asking someone to relax or calm down for a brief period.

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