Symbolism Used In The Book The Illegal By Lawrence Hill

According to the SuperSummary Study Guide of “The Illegal” by Lawrence Hill, the novel explores the struggles of various characters, including the protagonist Keita, who is a refugee and an illegal immigrant in Freedom State. Hill's message in the novel is that a person's existence should not be deemed illegal, even if they have done something illegal. The book also features various archetypes, a theme of risk-taking, and a critique of labeling people as “illegal.” Keita, the main character, embraces his identity as an illegal migrant and must navigate the challenges and dangers of living in Freedom State. The author also uses invented countries to represent universal themes.

"The Illegal" by Lawrence Hill is a novel that delves into important themes by using various literary elements. Keita, the protagonist, depicts the struggles of a refugee and an illegal immigrant, exploring the notion that a person's existence should not be deemed illegal. The book uses symbolism to convey its message, such as the archetypes represented in the characters, the theme of risk-taking, and the critique of labeling people as “illegal.” Additionally, the use of invented countries in the novel serves to represent universal themes and issues.

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