Susceptible Followers

The text discusses the concept of susceptible followers and their role in giving rise to unethical leaders and destructive leadership. Susceptible followers are categorized as conformers or colluders, who obey and engage with destructive leaders out of fear or agreement, respectively. The authors emphasize that leaders alone cannot achieve their goals without followers, and the toxic triangle of destructive leadership comprises of susceptible followers, destructive leaders, and conducive environments. The article also highlights the negative consequences of destructive leadership and the importance of understanding the dynamic between leaders and followers in order to prevent and address these issues.

Susceptible followers are individuals who are prone to succumb to the influence of leaders, particularly those with unethical or destructive tendencies. Such susceptible followers may conform to a leader's directives out of fear or acquiescence, contributing to the toxicity of the leadership dynamic. It's essential to recognize the impact of susceptible followers in perpetuating destructive leadership and its associated negative ramifications. If you need more specific information or have further inquiries on this topic, feel free to ask!

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