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According to recent studies and findings, a large number of youth, especially adolescents, are struggling with serious mental health disorders, such as major depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions. The statistics show a significant increase in the number of adolescents experiencing mental health issues, with nearly half of all adolescents having had a mental health disorder at some point. This trend is particularly alarming among young adults, who report higher rates of anxiety and depression compared to their teenage years. It is evident that our young people are facing significant challenges when it comes to their mental wellbeing, which has been further acknowledged by various organizations.

The article emphasizes the growing concern for mental health challenges among teens and young adults, with suicide rates also showing an increase over the past decade. The statistics provided highlight the prevalence of mental health issues among this demographic, such as one in three young adults experiencing mental, behavioral, or emotional health issues in the past year, and nearly 27% of teens having one or more such problems. The rates of sadness or hopelessness, anxiety, and depression among high school and college students are particularly troubling. Furthermore, the article addresses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health, including increased symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as a rise in emergency room visits for mental health reasons among children. Additionally, it calls for greater support for young people's mental health, especially among LGBTQ+ individuals, and emphasizes the need for schools to play a more active role in suicide prevention and mental health support. The JED Foundation is highlighted as an organization committed to promoting mental health and preventing suicide among youth.

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