Summary: Raditional Chinese Medicine Use Amongst Women With Arthritis :

This text discusses the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) among women with arthritis. The research study conducted by the University of [university name] found that TCM is a popular treatment choice among women with arthritis, and has shown efficacy in managing symptoms and improving the immune system. Similar to other East Asian countries, Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) is also widely used as a natural treatment option for arthritis. Older and middle-aged women in particular tend to use TCM and CHM for their arthritis treatment, in order to prevent functional disability and improve their quality of life. Further research on the potential benefits and safety of TCM for arthritis is needed, as well as a better understanding of how it can be integrated with Western medicine approaches.

The research study conducted by the University of [university name] highlights the popularity of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) use among women with arthritis. The study found that TCM, including Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) and acupuncture, is frequently utilized by women with arthritis, with a percentage as high as 6.2-9.5% for acupuncture and 4.0-5.7% for Chinese herbal medicine use in the previous 12 months. These findings underscore the importance of understanding the potential benefits and safe integration of TCM alongside conventional care, and the need for further research in this area.

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