Sum Up Year end Highlights Project Access Executive Report November 2023

Option outlined in the report to provide pilot-scale access to existing computational resources, software, datasets, services, and user ...

The report suggests offering access to computational resources, software, datasets, services, and user support on a pilot scale.

The year-end highlights of the Project Access Executive Report for November 2023 are summarized as follows:

Financial Performance:

  • The organization is at 96% of its $10.6 million fundraising goal, with $1.16 million raised year-to-date.
  • Corporate Giving is 58% to goal, Campaigns/Indirect Promotions is at 35% to goal, Individual Giving stands at 86% to goal, and Grants are at 59% to goal.
  • Special Events are at 80% to goal for 2023, with plans to start soliciting for upcoming events in Q1.

Fiscal Resiliency and Growth:

  • Project Access is close to achieving its goals, within 5% of budget for revenue and 5% under budget for operating expenses.
  • Annual fundraising goal tracking is at 67%, with expectations to reach 75% by year-end.
  • Challenges in fundraising include over-projections of goals, less interest in peer-to-peer campaigns, and new strategies planned for 2024 campaigns.

Owner Revenue Overview:

  • The extensive network spans 103 active Family and Senior Resource Centers across 16 states, achieving 73% of the annual goal of 15 centers.
  • Owner Revenue YTD amounts to $8.2 million, reaching 81% of the $10.6 million goal for 2023.

Challenges and Growth Strategy:

  • Challenges from the real estate market, acquisition delays, escalating costs for partners, and uncertainties in growth plans for 2024.
  • The growth strategy involves engaging prospects, exploring new opportunities, and diversifying partnerships.

People and Culture:

  • The organization has a workforce of 139 staffed positions and 11 vacancies at month-end. Turnover rate YTD is at 41%, and average days to hire for all positions remains at 49 days on average YTD.
  • The newly appointed Chief Financial Officer is reviewing the 2024 budget with department heads.

Quality & Value:

  • Approximately 24,851 unique residents were served, and around 335,071 services were provided to communities nationwide.
  • 96% of residents receiving services are satisfied, and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is at +87, considered 'world-class'.

Virtual App and Pilot Call Center:

  • A resident software application is in its final build stages and set for launch in January 2024.
  • The organization is actively working on multiple key milestones, focusing on educational content and leveraging partnerships to curate online educational content.
  • The 'Spread the Joy' campaign has raised $58K, which is 44% of the $119K goal, and aims to encourage participation and support.

For more details, you can refer to the Project Access Executive Report for November 2023.

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