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IBM is focused on transforming itself into a globally integrated enterprise and has a strategic view of how global markets are evolving. They believe in their position as a leader in this transformation and recognize the importance of their human resources in achieving this goal. Their talent management strategy aims to provide opportunities for employee development and engagement, with a focus on diversity and organizational development. IBM's culture, history, values, organization and workforce have supported this transformation. Their mission is to be a leader in information technologies and their approach to organizational and cultural change is outlined in a paper. In order to align with customer needs, IBM has reorganized its services and skills.

Apologies for the confusion. As per the article "IBM’s Global Talent Management Strategy: The Vision of the Globally Integrated Enterprise," IBM's transformation into a globally integrated enterprise, focusing on talent management and organizational development. The worth of the system described in the article isn't explicitly provided. However, based on the strategic importance placed on talent and human capital, as well as the extensive transformation and realignment efforts, it can be inferred that the system is considered to be of significant value to IBM's overall strategic goals and operational effectiveness.

IBM's Global Talent Management Strategy by Julie L. on Prezi NextPDF) IBM's Global Talent Management Strategy: The Vision of the ...

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