Stroomt De Rivier De Maas Door Gelderland?

The Maas, also known as the Meuse, is a 950-kilometer long river in Western Europe, flowing through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In Gelderland, two powerful European rivers, the Maas and the Rijn, pass through. The Rijn branches off into the Waal, Nederrijn-Lek, and IJssel. The remaining part is called Nederrijn. The Maas receives water from a different river basin than the Rijn and is a rain river, while the Rijn is fed with rain and melt water from the Swiss Alps. Due to straightening the river's bends, large areas of land can suddenly change provinces, from Gelderland to Noord-Brabant or vice versa. The Nederrijn continues as the Lek from Wijk bij Duurstede and meanders through Gelderland and Utrecht. However, the Maas faces major problems near the Gelderse border with Noord-Brabant and Limburg, caused by a dam between Nederasselt and Grave.

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