Specifically According To "zaia"

According to a new report, countries with lower GDP per capita, such as $5,000, face a significantly smaller risk of experiencing civil war. Poverty and disease are also major threats to national security, as it was stated by Italian Agriculture Minister, Luca Zaia. Climate change, government corruption, and environmental issues have also been identified as prevalent global concerns. The agricultural market in particular faces income and capitalization rate risks, and there is a growing demand for transparency and risk assessment services. In Brazil, there have been reports of persecution and threats against environmental defenders, while there is a push for defending the rights of Indigenous peoples. Development strategies should consider poverty reduction as a key objective.

According to the information found, Minister Luca Zaia has stated that poverty and disease are major threats to national security. However, the specific fear arising out of poverty according to Zaia is not explicitly mentioned in the search results. It's possible that Zaia's perspective on this issue may be found in a more detailed statement or publication. If you have access to the original source, I can help analyze it further.

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