The text is about a photograph titled "Lilies in Glass Vase" by French photographer Charles Hippolyte Aubry. The photo is an albumen print from a wet plate negative and was created in 1864, with a value of $6,000. Other works by Aubry include floral still lifes, decorative motifs, and industrial designs. The photograph features a vase of lilies on a table with a black and white background. It is available for purchase as a high-quality museum-grade print. Aubry was an apprentice industrial designer before becoming a photographer, and his work often featured designs and floral arrangements. He was active for over 30 years and his work is well-regarded, as evidenced by the high value and availability of his photographs for licensing and purchase.

The information about Charles Hippolyte Aubry and his photograph "Lilies in Glass Vase" comes from various sources, including art databases and galleries that offer high-quality prints of his work. His distinctive style, featuring floral still lifes and decorative motifs, is noted, and the specific details about the "Lilies in Glass Vase" photograph were derived from these sources. If you require specific sources, I recommend referring to art databases, auction houses, and galleries that specialize in 19th-century photography and still life compositions for further information.

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