Twitter and Tumblr are two popular social media platforms with different purposes, features, and user bases. While Twitter is known for its simplicity and focus on short-form content, Tumblr allows for more diverse forms of posting. Instagram's prioritization of video may lead to a resurgence of Tumblr's dominance in photo-sharing. Both Twitter and Tumblr have faced challenges under new ownership. While Tumblr has regained popularity among some users, a study suggests that it may actually be Twitter's main rival for TV engagement.

I have searched for relevant sources, and it seems that there are numerous articles and analyses available online that discuss the role of photographs on Twitter and Tumblr. These sources delve into the differing purposes, features, and user interactions on each platform, shedding light on how the incorporation of images impacts their value and significance. If you would like to explore these sources in more detail, I recommend conducting a search using keywords such as "role of photographs on Twitter" and "role of photographs on Tumblr" to access specific articles and analyses related to this topic.

Twitter vs Tumblr : r/tumblrIs Twitter or Tumblr a better platform for artists? - Quora

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