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The text discusses a problem involving solving the equation cos(x)=0.88. It is mentioned that the problem has been solved and a detailed solution has been provided by a subject matter expert. The period of the cosine function is explained to be 2π radians and the cosine calculator is mentioned as a tool for solving this type of equation. It is also stated that the solution provided is simple and easy to learn for future reference. The method for solving the equation in the given domain is mentioned and the Tiger Algebra website is recommended for solving equations. Additionally, it is stated that their math solver provides step-by-step solutions for various math problems, including trigonometry. Finally, a specific method for converting radians to degrees is mentioned and the results are rounded to five decimal places.

The solutions to the equation cos(𝜃) = 0.88, in the domain of all real numbers, are: 𝜃 ≈ 0.48 + 2πk, 𝜃 ≈ 6.24 + 2πk, where k is any integer.

Solved Solve cos(x) = -0.88 on 0 < x < 2π There are two | Chegg.comcos(θ)=0.88

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