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The text describes various online calculators for calculating the inverse cosine, also known as arc cosine, of a given input value. This includes calculators for both degrees and radians, with the ability to reset and calculate multiple values. These calculators can also solve other trigonometric problems and provide step-by-step solutions. The inverse cosine function is used to find an angle from a given cosine value, and is one of the inverse trigonometric functions that includes sine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant. The calculators can be used for solving algebra, geometry, and calculus problems as well.

Using the inverse cosine function, the principal value of šœƒ for which cos(šœƒ) = 0.96 is šœƒ ā‰ˆ 0.28.

Therefore, the general solutions in the domain of all real numbers are: šœƒ ā‰ˆ 0.28 + 2Ļ€k, šœƒ ā‰ˆ -0.28 + 2Ļ€k,

where k is any integer.

Solved Using your calculator and inverse trig functions, | Chegg.comcos(x)=0.96

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