Solve The Following Equation For X : Log 5 ⁡

  1. The text explains how to rewrite log5(x)=3 in exponential form using the definition of logarithm and the conditions for positive real numbers. It also provides an example of this representation, with x=125.
  2. The process of finding the domain of log5(x^3) is described.
  3. The task of solving the equation log5(x+3) - log5x = 1 for x is given.
  4. Lastly, the text describes another equation to solve, log5(x+3) = 1 - log5(x-1).

The given equation is log base 5 of x equals 3. To solve for x, we can rewrite the logarithmic equation in exponential form. The exponential form of the logarithmic equation log5(x) = 3 is 5^3 = x. Therefore, the solution for x is x = 125.

log5(x) = 3log5(x) = 3 - YouTube

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