So What Is The Test Statistic Of This Data And

The text snippets above contain information about the chi-square test and its various applications. The calculator compares observed and expected frequencies, and can handle up to five rows and five columns. To use the calculator, the user must enter names of categories and choose between expected frequencies or probabilities. The test helps determine if there is a significant difference between observed and expected values, and a p-value calculator is also available. Other steps for manually calculating the chi-square distribution include making a null and alternate hypothesis and finding the rows, columns, and grand total. The chi-square test is used to determine if groups are different by random chance, and it compares observed and expected frequencies or probabilities. An interactive calculation tool for this test is also available.

I wasn't able to retrieve the exact test statistic and p-value for this specific data. However, I can certainly help you solve this using a chi-square test calculator. Based on the observed and expected frequencies, the calculator will generate the test statistic and the p-value for this sample. Alternatively, I can guide you through the manual calculation process.

Shall I proceed with the steps to manually calculate the test statistic and p-value or would you prefer to use a chi-square test calculator?

Chi-Square Tests – Statistics CalculatorsChi Square Test in Excel - Step by Step with Examples

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