So How Much The System Might Be Worth?

IBM's valuation allowance at the end of 2003 was $1,419 million, up from $1,377 million the previous year. Despite a 10% increase in server revenue, which outpaced the overall market growth, IBM's stock price only increased 20.50% in 2003. Their agreement with another company was valued at $1.1 billion and they earned 3,415 US patents that year. Their stock price on December 31, 2003 was $49.99, up 439.4% from 1995. In contrast, Unisys saw a net income increase in the first quarter of 2003 compared to the previous year. IBM's stock price in 2003 was $80.79, indicating it was slightly undervalued based on their price-to-earnings ratio.

Based on the information available, in 2003, IBM's valuation allowance was $1.419 billion, and the company's stock price closed at $49.99, reflecting an increase of 439.4% from 1995. While the 10% growth in server revenue contributed to a positive financial performance, the stock price showed a 20.50% increase in 2003. Additionally, IBM's agreement with another company was valued at $1.1 billion.

This data provides a perspective on IBM's financial standing and market valuation in 2003.

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