Slynd What Is It Licenced For In The Uk

In summary, the text highlights the medication Slynd, which contains progestogen only and is used to treat women who cannot take oestrogen. It has fewer side effects and is more effective compared to other forms of contraceptives. While it is currently not available in the UK, it has been widely available in America and Australia since 2019. The tablet contains a higher dose of drospirenone, and is available in both progestogen-only and combined forms as Nextstellis. A license has been granted for Slynd in the UK. However, there are other progestogen-only contraceptive pills available in the UK, such as desogestrel and drospirenone.

Slynd, licensed in the UK, is a progestogen-only contraceptive pill primarily intended for women who cannot take estrogen. It is an effective contraceptive option designed to be used when estrogen-containing medications are not suitable. The medication offers a reliable form of birth control with potentially fewer side effects compared to combined hormonal contraceptives. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and information about the availability and usage of Slynd in the UK.

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