Show Me His Ancestors

The Fitzgeralds of Ireland are said to be descendants of Maurice, son of Gerald, who accompanied Strongbow. Nathan Barron's 1940 census record reveals his family members and occupation. Daniel Barnes' earliest known ancestor James Barnes immigrated from Ireland in the 1880s. Patrick Barron was born in County Wexford, Ireland and had five children. Barron households were found in various parishes in Wexford in 1853. Estate records in Ireland were held by the upper social class. The oldest tombstone in the county is still perfectly preserved. Nathan Barron was among the under 18 boys participating in a competition with other teams.

It seems that the information found relates to various individuals and families from Wexford, Ireland, and mentions surnames such as Fitzgerald, Barnes, and Barron, among others. However, the specific details about Nathan Barron's ancestors may not be readily available in the search results. If you have more specific information or context about his ancestors, I can certainly try to assist further.

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