Show Me 2 Example Accomodations Of Each Point Below “

1 Common accommodations include using alarms for time management, marking texts with highlighters, and using planners or organizers for assignments. 2 Program accommodations and modifications are available for children with disabilities under IDEA or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 3 Adaptations to instruction can include extra time for assignments or tests, working in small groups, and using audio versions of materials. 4 Accommodations and modifications are changes made to the learning environment, curriculum, instruction, or assessment to support students with disabilities. 5 Accommodations remove barriers to learning for all students, such as providing audio versions of materials. [6](

Here are some examples of accommodations and modifications for each category:

Classroom Accommodations / Modifications:

  1. Use of short distinctive directions and paraphrasing by the student
  2. Highlighting keywords in lessons
  3. Preferential seating with proximity control
  4. Adapted worksheets or alternative assignments
  5. Reduced assignments or selected parts of an assignment
  6. Providing textbooks or printed materials for home use
  7. Allowing extended time for homework assignment submission without penalty
  8. Utilizing a unique organization system
  9. Providing key concepts or vocabulary prior to lesson presentation
  10. Implementing a visual timeline for long-range assignments
  11. Peer note taker or teacher-provided notes
  12. Allowing for breaks and movement as needed

Other Accommodations:

  1. Transition reminders
  2. Use of visuals when possible

Test Adaptations:

  1. One-on-one individual administration
  2. Providing study guides one week before a test
  3. Reading the test to the student
  4. Clarifying test items or re-wording questions
  5. Providing extended time (50%)
  6. Creating alternative tests
  7. Special grading methods
  8. Providing practice prior to the test
  9. Allowing for oral rather than written responses

Behavior Accommodations:

  1. Pairing the student with a role model student
  2. Rewarding positive behaviors
  3. Allowing time to cool off without consequence
  4. Using non-verbal cues or code words to communicate inappropriate behavior
  5. Implementing an individual behavior management system
  6. Allowing the use of sensory tools, doodling, or stress balls
  7. Using verbal cues for classroom management

These are examples of how accommodations and modifications can be implemented in various areas to support students with diverse needs.

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