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Chicago, IL is home to 95 Zip Codes, ranging from 60018 to 60827. One of the most coveted areas in the city is the 60601 Zip Code, providing a glimpse into Downtown living. The city, located in Cook County, has a population of 50,639 and is characterized by its latitude, longitude, and truckside media market. Within its service area, cities like Arlington Heights and towns within zip codes such as 60004 and 60005 are included. These zip codes are part of the range of +4 Codes that pertain to this ZIP Code, and cover a slightly smaller land area compared to other areas in the United States. Additionally, there are numerous businesses within the state, and ZIPCode2Business allows for searching by ZIP code for over 800 business categories.

I currently don't support displaying maps directly. However, you can easily find a map of these ZIP codes by entering them into a mapping service like Google Maps or any other mapping application. This will allow you to see the locations of these ZIP codes.

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