Show An Image Of A Puppy Mad

This text describes various aspects of dogs' behavior and emotions. The first text snippet details a cute reaction to hiccups. The second snippet mentions how dogs may show distress by repeatedly licking their nose and lips. The third snippet emphasizes that although dogs can get upset, they don't experience anger the same way humans do. The fourth snippet gives an example of a dog's distress due to an uncomfortable situation. The fifth text snippet reiterates that abusing dogs in anger is not acceptable. The sixth snippet suggests ways to groom and take care of shih tzus. Lastly, it highlights that puppies may act crazy at certain times of the day and establishing a routine can help. Additionally, purchasing enjoyable toys or treats can distract them from destructive behavior.

I currently don't have the capability to display images directly, but you can easily find images of a mad puppy by searching on the internet. If you're using BrutusAI on a Mac or iOS device, you can also search for "mad puppy" in the built-in web search feature to find images of puppies showing various emotions, including being mad or upset. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!

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