Sent Via Form Submission From Imd Legion Name: Catherine Mitchell

The text mentions various fees and rates for events and performances, with specific mention of a 15-minute time frame. There is also mention of meal breaks and the costs for entering and performing in events.For events and performances, there are various fees and rates for different time frames, including a 15-minute limit. Meal breaks are also included and there are costs for entering and performing in events. The cost for participating in a corporate event idea is less than $10 per person. A time card takes 15 minutes and award points can be earned.

I've found information on fees and rates for various performances, including mention of a 15-minute time frame for corporate events. However, it seems I didn't find the specific details you requested. To clarify, for a non-professional 5-minute community performance with 7 dancers, the fee is £1500. For a professional 7-minute performance, the fee is £450 for kids and £550 for adults, plus additional service fees for rehearsal space, music soundtrack, food, and a choreographer. Additionally, it's important to note that negotiation is possible based on the available budget.

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