Section 1186 A Full Citation In Bluebook Format

The Bluebook is the standard citation format used in the American legal profession. It provides guidelines for citing various sources, such as legislative material, law reviews, court cases, statutes, and other relevant sources. The format typically includes the author's full name, the title in italics, and specific information such as page or paragraph numbers. INA sections correspond to U.S. Code sections found in Title 8, which covers "Aliens and Nationality."

I'm sorry, but it seems that a specific citation in Bluebook format for "section 1186" is not readily available. However, I can help you understand how to format a citation according to the Bluebook rules. The citation typically includes the statutory code, title, section number, and date of the code. Here's an example of a general citation for a statutory section:

8 U.S.C. § 1186 (YEAR)

In this citation, "8 U.S.C." stands for the United States Code, "§" represents the section symbol, "1186" is the specific section number, and "(YEAR)" signifies the date of the code edition you are referencing. Make sure to replace "(YEAR)" with the relevant publication year.

If you need a more specific citation or have additional requirements, please feel free to specify, and I can assist accordingly.

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