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Microevolution and macroevolution are two distinct levels of evolution, with microevolution occurring within a population and resulting in changes from one generation to the next, while macroevolution refers to larger changes between species over longer periods of time. Macroevolution includes the creation of new species from existing ones, and is often marked by major evolutionary events. While microevolution is driven by natural selection and mechanisms that alter gene pools, macroevolution is characterized by large-scale evolutionary patterns and processes. Prokaryotic speciation may not involve genetic barriers and can involve gene exchange between distant organisms. Punctuational theories of evolution suggest that adaptive changes occur in distinct periods of existence.

Microevolution, defined as the small-scale changes in allele frequencies within a population over a relatively short period, is a crucial aspect of evolution within a species. This concept is outlined by scholars Zimmer and Emlen in their book "Evolution: Making Sense of Life" (Zimmer & Emlen, 2015). On the other hand, macroevolution encompasses the grander, long-term transformations that occur over extended periods and can result in the emergence of entirely new species. This definition is discussed in "Evolutionary Biology: A Plant Perspective" by Hagen, published in 2016.

The distinctions between these two evolutionary scales reflect the ongoing processes of adaptation, mutation, and natural selection that occur within populations over generations, as well as the broader changes that shape the diversity of life on Earth over geological time. These definitions and concepts are foundational to understanding the mechanisms of evolution and how they operate at different scales (Revell, 2013; Futuyma, 2017).

Difference Between Microevolution and MacroevolutionMacroevolution: Its definition, Philosophy and History

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