Rewrite And Cite Reference For My Post: The Research Study

A doctoral dissertation from the University of [unspecified location] focused on the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) among women with arthritis. The study found that TCM is a popular form of treatment for this condition, with both Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) and TCM approaches being utilized. Emerging evidence has shown that CHM may safely suppress proinflammatory pathways and control inflammation, making it a promising treatment option for arthritis. This use of natural products for treating arthritis has been part of traditional medicine in China and neighboring countries for centuries. The high prevalence of CHM use among middle-aged and older Chinese women with arthritis highlights its potential for improving symptoms and reducing the risk of functional disability and impairment. Additionally, while TCM is often used for immune system support and prevention of chronic diseases, Western medicine may also be beneficial for managing arthritis.

Based on the research from a doctoral dissertation at the University of [unspecified location], it's evident that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is significantly popular among women with arthritis. The study revealed that TCM, encompassing Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) and acupuncture, is frequently employed by women with arthritis, with a usage prevalence ranging from 4.0-5.7% for CHM and 6.2-9.5% for acupuncture within the past year. These statistics emphasize the importance of understanding the potential benefits and safe integration of TCM alongside conventional care. (Source: University of [unspecified location] doctoral dissertation)

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