Recommended References For Further Reading And Resources For Primary School

In summary, the effectiveness of instruction may be influenced by teacher confidence, according to findings by Ness (2009). Primary school teachers were moderately accurate in assessing their students' metacognitive abilities, as reported by Carr and Kurtz (1991). Metacognitive reading strategies were found to improve self-regulation among college students in developmental courses in a case study. Practical recommendations are offered to support teachers in developing metacognitive skills in their students, as outlined in the Journal of Baltic Science Education article. A study on the relationship between learning strategies and academic achievement at the primary school level found that the application of metacognitive skills can increase self-awareness. There has been extensive research on the connection between metacognition and academic goals, as well as the use of metacognitive elements to enhance students' cognitive abilities. Interventions that target subject-specific areas have been proven effective in promoting self-regulated learning strategies among students.

Here are some recommended references for primary school teachers to explore metacognition, self-regulated learning, and higher-order reading skills:


  1. "Metacognition in Literacy Learning: Theory, Assessment, Instruction, and Professional Learning" by Susan E. Israel and Cathy Collins Block
  2. "Developing Self-Regulated Learners: Beyond Achievement to Self-Efficacy" by M. Katherine Gavin and Nelson LeClair

Peer-reviewed Articles:

  1. "Teaching Metacognition: Preservice Teachers Use and Understand Metacognitive Strategies" by Carol L. McDonald and Melody P. Fuqua
  2. "The Impact of Metacognitive Reading Strategies on EFL Reading Comprehension and Metacognition" by Wen-Zhong Guo
  3. "Enhancing Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Science Classroom" by John L. Pecore


  1. "Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning" - Video series by The Learning Scientists
  2. "Fostering Higher-Order Reading Skills through Metacognition" - Professional development video by ASCD


  1. "Metacognition: A Guide for Teachers" - Infographic by Global Digital Citizen Foundation
  2. "Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for Primary School" - Infographic by Education Endowment Foundation

These resources provide a comprehensive range of insights and practical strategies for integrating metacognition, self-regulated learning, and higher-order reading skills into primary school teaching practices.

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