Raymond Joyce, St. John's University Bachelors Computer Science, National Holistic

Raymond Joyce, a skilled massage therapist based in Calabasas, CA, offers world-class massage therapy aimed at improving one's overall health. Trained in specialized techniques not available elsewhere in Central CA, Joyce will assess and address any muscle issues. Additionally, the Reliant Medical Group, established in 2000, offers a variety of therapeutic massage services by licensed professionals, while also providing chiropractic and physical therapy services. See their website for their extensive team and specialties, and to book an appointment with Joyce Adams, a graduate of Mount Royal University's 2200 Hour Massage Therapy program. Finally, purchase a massage course or course package for continuing education, or join ABMP for access to all courses and 600+ hours of CE. Best of all, call (323) 603-9943 today to start improving your health by scheduling a massage with Raymond Joyce in Calabasas. Our four runners, Joyce Prahasky, Kim Nimmo, Rocky Chen, and John Cassinerio Lmt, are also ready to begin the Boston Marathon.

Based on the search results, it seems that there might be a discrepancy in the information provided. The search results mention Raymond Joyce as a skilled massage therapist based in Calabasas, CA, offering specialized and world-class massage therapy.

If you have a specific question about the details of Raymond Joyce and his expertise as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist or his involvement in the fields of sports and marathon running, feel free to ask! I'm here to provide information based on your specific areas of interest.

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