Question Text Taking Into Consideration Law No. 40, What Is

According to the New Cybercrimes Law, dissemination of false information and fake news through electronic means is considered a crime. This law aims to protect government websites, combat rumors and fake news, and prevent electronic fraud. Violators can face imprisonment of up to 2 years and fines up to AED 1 million. This law also covers cybercrimes such as cyber extortion, hacking, and identity theft. It also penalizes those who use forged documents and fake internet protocol. Scammers who use fraudulent methods like fake calls and phishing can also face legal consequences under this law.

According to Law No. 40, the penalty for practicing fraudulent methods through the information network can result in imprisonment of up to 2 years and fines of up to AED 1 million. This law covers a wide range of cybercrimes including dissemination of false information, fake news, cyber extortion, hacking, identity theft, using forged documents, fake internet protocol, as well as fraudulent methods such as fake calls and phishing.

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