Question 1 First State Bank's Loan Policy Manual States ‘that

The text discusses the impact of bank lending on the economy, including the role of market area, credit growth and bank soundness, and the factors that influence loan amounts and demand. It also explores the relationship between bank risk, loan growth, and bank profitability. It identifies credit score, credit history, debt-to-income ratio, employment history, and down payment as the main factors that determine loan amounts. The study suggests that growth-oriented banks may have a more aggressive lending approach. Additionally, it highlights how competition among financial institutions can contribute to loan growth, profitability, and risk.

The statement from First State Bank's loan policy manual reflects the importance of "The written loan policy of the bank" in determining the growth and mix of loans. The bank's specific goal to make high-quality loans for home mortgages, the purchase of automobiles, and small business accounts receivables showcases the significance of the written loan policy in guiding the bank's lending activities.

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