Quel Est Le Prix De La Livre Du Hardox 450

This text is discussing different products and their specifications related to Hardox 450, a type of steel that is known for its abrasion resistance and toughness. The first text snippet mentions a sheet of this steel in a specific size and thickness, as well as special drills designed for cutting it. The second text snippet has similar information, but with a smaller thickness for the sheet. The third snippet introduces the product as a "Handy Sheet" in a different size and thickness. The fourth snippet provides a brief summary of the steel and its properties, while the fifth snippet gives more specific details on its hardness and capabilities. The sixth snippet highlights the benefits of using Hardox 450 for prolonging the life of equipment. The final snippet mentions prices and shipping information for purchasing Hardox 450. The common theme throughout this text is the positioning of Hardox 450 as a strong, durable, and versatile steel.

Il semble que je n'ai pas trouvé de prix spécifique pour la livre du Hardox 450. Les prix peuvent varier en fonction de divers facteurs tels que la quantité, le fournisseur et la localisation. Je vous recommande de contacter directement les fournisseurs ou les distributeurs d'acier, car ils pourront vous fournir des informations à jour sur les prix du Hardox 450.

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