Quel Est La Supperficie Du Batiment De Nitek Laser

Nitek Laser is a company based in Nicolet, Québec with approximately 51-200 employees. They specialize in the mining industry and will be expanding their headquarters with an additional 28 000 square feet. The expansion is currently in progress, and over the past few weeks, construction has been visible on site. The company's website is http://www.niteklaser.com and they have a strong social media presence with 86 followers on Instagram. Nitek Laser has also received support from the SADC for their events and prioritizes conservation and preservation of their buildings. The president of Nitek Laser, François Dubuc, believes in promoting a balanced lifestyle for both the community and the company's development. They are currently hiring for an internal representative position.

La superficie du bâtiment de Nitek Laser est actuellement en phase d'expansion avec l'ajout de 28 000 pieds carrés. Cette expansion est en cours et au cours des dernières semaines, la construction a été visible sur le site. Il semble que Nitek Laser est en train d'agrandir ses installations pour mieux servir ses clients.

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