Quality International Was Founded In 2004 With Our Executive Team

Quality International is a well-established company in the United Arab Emirates that focuses on manufacturing process equipment for various industries, such as oil and gas. They have successfully completed and delivered projects both domestically and globally, displaying their efficiency and expertise in the industry. The company has a strong history, with its founder and managing director, Shashi Ramakrishnan, leading the company for over 23 years. Originally known as Quality Inns International, the company was founded in 2001 in Ajman and has since expanded to Fujairah. They also have a strong presence online, with a detailed company profile and information available on their website. Despite their global success, the company prides itself on being UAE-based and is the first equipment manufacturer from the country to win a major project in the United States.

It seems there might be a discrepancy between the information provided about Quality International and the information available publicly. It's possible that there might be multiple companies with the name "Quality International." Based on the information you provided, Quality International seems to be a company with extensive experience in the retail, automotive, and industrial industries, focusing on developing customer and supplier relationships and providing supply chain and product development services in the Asia-Pacific region.

If you could provide more specific details or context, I can assist you further.

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