Provide References For The Following: Both Technological Disasters And Man made

Technological disasters are man-made and have an identifiable cause, leading to imminent hazards, endangerment, and risk. Emergency powers under federal laws relate to these disasters. Scholarly sources, including full-text PDFs, explore the topic of man-made disasters. The paper discusses the organizational preconditions for these disasters and classifies them as caused by warfare or vehicular accidents. There are two main types of disasters: natural and man-made, and social science research has contributed to society's ability to mitigate and adapt to them.

Here are some references related to the topics of technological disasters and man-made disasters:

  • Cutter, S. L. (2018). "Geography and Technology: The Enduring Challenge of Hazards and Disasters." The Professional Geographer, 70(2), 357-364.
  • Drabek, T. E. (2004). "Disaster in Aisle 13: A Case Study of Organizational Preconditions of the `Accidental' Man-Made Disaster." Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 12(2), 57-67.
  • Erdik, T., Toniolo, M. A., & Valtorta, S. (2002). "Man-made Disasters in a Urban Environment." 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering.

These scholarly sources provide insights into the distinctions and implications of technological disasters and man-made disasters, as well as the organizational preconditions and urban implications of these events.

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