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Technological hazards include hazardous materials incidents, nuclear power plant failures, and human-induced technological disasters caused by human error, regulatory failure, or management failures. These events can have severe consequences and often occur without warning. Strategies to prevent or mitigate these hazards include appropriate design standards, construction, maintenance, and operating practices. However, even natural events such as earthquakes or storms can lead to a complex system failure if design or operating settings are incorrect. In the case of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor meltdown in 1979, it was a combination of equipment failure and human error. Similar incidents have occurred, such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, highlighting the importance of proper operation and maintenance of technological systems. Failure to implement recommendations and address hazards can have serious consequences, including threats to the reliability of the electricity supply and the potential for joint events, or "natechs," where natural disasters trigger technological disasters.

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In-text citation: Technological disasters, which involve failures in technology or infrastructure, encompass a range of events including nuclear accidents, chemical spills, and power grid failures. These disasters often stem from design flaws, inadequate maintenance, or operational errors, leading to unintended and extensive consequences (Technological Hazards, n.d.).

Reference: Technological Hazards. (n.d.). Retrieved from [website url]

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