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There are multiple options for exploring and traveling near London. You can create a driving radius map in a few clicks to determine your maximum walking, cycling, public transport, or drive time radius. Windsor is a great choice for a trip as it is only 40 minutes away by bus from Heathrow and offers many attractions such as the castle, Eton, and Windsor Great Park. If you prefer a weekend trip, there are options within an hour's reach from London by car or train, including a beach spot and a barn. Similarly, Overton and Beaconsfield are both accessible by train from London within an hour. Additionally, there are picturesque villages and countryside landscapes near London that are worth exploring, such as the ones in Beaconsfield and the countryside near Overton. Overall, there are plenty of options for day trips and weekend getaways within 1 hour of London.

Here are some places within approximately 1hr 30 min of both Waterloo and Heathrow in the UK:

  1. Windsor
  2. Guildford
  3. Reading
  4. Basingstoke
  5. Farnham
  6. Woking
  7. Staines
  8. Ascot
  9. Egham
  10. Camberley
  11. Beaconsfield
  12. Maidenhead
  13. Oxford
  14. Bicester Village
  15. Cambridge
  16. Winchester
  17. Salisbury
  18. Sevenoaks
  19. Henley-on-Thames
  20. Dorking

These locations offer a wide range of attractions and activities, including historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and various entertainment options suitable for day trips or weekend getaways.

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