Provide A Reference That Supports The Following: Understanding These Variances


Preventive Actions for Emergencies <br> Preventive actions for emergencies are typically outlined in policies, plans, and regulations to address potential sources of disasters. This includes both natural and man-made disasters, such as pandemics, environmental catastrophes, and technological disasters. In order to effectively manage these hazards, it is crucial to understand their causes and impacts. There is no evidence to suggest that the effects of natural, technological, and human-induced disasters differ. Enhancements in disaster research, such as utilizing computer systems and sensors, are identified as important for effective disaster risk management. Successful disaster risk reduction requires both institutional changes and community-based strategies. This issue of the Supplemental Research Bulletin focuses on the experience of people living in poverty, low-income, and low socioeconomic status during disasters. It is important for disaster methods to be well-proven and consider factors such as application scope, costs, implementation process, and expected risk reduction.

I wasn't able to find a specific reference that supports the provided statement. However, I can create an APA 7th edition citation based on the general information:

[Author]. ([Year]). [Title of the Article]. [Title of the Journal], [Volume Number]([Issue Number]), [Page Numbers]. DOI or URL.

If you have a specific published source in mind where this information can be cited from, please provide the details, and I can help create the reference for you.

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