Proposal Resisdensi Di Suku Tengger

The Tengger people are predominantly Hindu, but other religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Catholicism have entered the community in the 1990s. Desa Ngadas is a traditional village with native Tengger people who maintain their customs and culture. 12 students from Indonesia, Germany, and France are currently participating in a photography residency at Bromo Tengger. The name Tengger comes from a legend of main characters, Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. These students have spent 12 days documenting cultural objects in Probolinggo's Bromo Tengger. The Tengger families in Desa Wonokitri typically have only one or two children, and smoking behavior is influenced by occupation, residence, social environment, and cultural norms. Tengger is a tribe that inhabits the plains.

Maaf, sepertinya ada sedikit kebingungan di sini. Saya tidak menemukan informasi spesifik tentang properti residensi di suku Tengger. Mungkin Anda bisa memberikan detail lebih lanjut, atau perlu saya cari sesuatu yang lebih spesifik terkait properti residensi di daerah tersebut?

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