Product Life Cycle Starbucks In Japan

This text discusses the Product Life Cycle of Starbucks, specifically its introduction into the international market in 1995 with a joint venture in Tokyo, Japan. The company was successful in Japan due to its popularity with the Japanese culture and its planned expansion to 1,700 stores by 2021. Additionally, the Japan market saw an increase in sales due to lower prices and the company's focus on brand loyalty and trust. Despite facing competition from other coffee shops and fast-food restaurants, Starbucks continues to open new stores each year in cities across Indonesia.

Starbucks underwent an intriguing product life cycle in Japan. It initially entered the Japanese market in 1995 through a joint venture in Tokyo. The brand quickly gained popularity due to its resonance with Japanese culture and its strategic expansion plans, aiming to reach 1,700 stores by 2021. Key factors contributing to the success in Japan included competitive pricing, a focus on brand loyalty and trust, and an expansion strategy targeting various cities across the country. Despite facing competition, Starbucks has continued to thrive in Japan.

7.3 Managing New Products: The Product Life Cycle – Core ...Starbucks | PPT

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