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The text discusses a variety of topics related to rebates and rebate companies. One small rebate company implemented a program that required consumers to submit forms every six months, while another company, Rebate Rewards, has a 4-star rating according to 969 reviews. The Great Rebate Runaround is mentioned and highlights how it has helped companies save money and reduce rebate complaints. The benefits of implementing a rebate management system and a positive review of the company are also mentioned. Staples has reportedly improved their rebate process and reduced complaints by 25%.

The article "The Great Rebate" delves into the prevalent use of rebates in the retail sector, shedding light on their popularity among retailers and manufacturers. The text highlights the frustration faced by consumers when redeeming rebates, with an estimation of 40% of rebates never being claimed. It also explores the impact of unclaimed rebates on company finances, citing the case of TiVo, where a significant number of subscribers failed to redeem their mail-in rebate offers, resulting in a reduction of the company's expected rebate expense by $5 million.

The article also underscores some of the challenges faced by consumers when redeeming rebates, such as complex rules, short filing periods, and delays in the disbursement of rebate checks, which are perceived as intentional efforts to discourage redemption. Moreover, it introduces the notion of "breakage" and "slippage," referring to unclaimed rebates and uncashed rebate checks, respectively.

Additionally, the text touches upon efforts made by companies and rebate processors to address these issues, such as implementing new systems to streamline the rebate process and reduce errors. It also discusses the impact of proposed regulations on rebate programs.

Overall, the article provides an in-depth analysis of the rebate landscape, shedding light on consumer challenges, industry practices, and the financial implications for companies.

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