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The text discusses the right to protest in Australia and how it is protected by various laws and legal principles. The article mentions specific instances of legislation being passed in different states in order to regulate or restrict protests. It also highlights the support for the right to protest among Australians and the basis of this right in common law and international standards. These laws and regulations have sparked controversy and have been met with criticism. Ultimately, the text emphasizes the importance of peaceful assembly in Australia and how it is connected to the broader concepts of freedom of speech and association.

In Australia over the past few years, several state governments have introduced legislation to prohibit protests or public dissent against the government and their decisions. These laws have included hefty fines and jail sentences for individuals voicing concerns about government behavior and decisions. These measures have sparked widespread debate and concern regarding the protection of freedom of speech and assembly in Australia. The introduction of such laws has been met with criticism and controversy, particularly regarding the impact on democratic rights and civil liberties. This trend has raised significant questions about the balance between public protest and the legal restrictions imposed by the government.

Anti-protest laws are an affront to democracy. They have no place ...Australia's credibility on human rights blighted by laws targeting ...

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